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Survey Results

Written by : Posted on October 30, 2013 : 2 Comments
nuSpin Kids Team

nuSpin Kids Team

Hi everyone!

We got some great feedback from our recent survey and are moving forward with a blue cup with trucks and a pink cup with new graphics, probably butterflies and flowers. We have names, too: the Sip & Spin Cup and Snappy Straw. Thank you for helping with these decisions, we love feedback, so feel free to keep it coming by commenting on this blog post or through the contact us page!

And if you haven’t heard, we’re just about a week from launching our Kickstarter campaign. We are trying to build up our newsletter subscriptions to get off to a great start on Kickstarter, so tell your friends to sign up, like us on Facebook, and run down the street shouting “!”

Hope you all have a fun-filled Halloween!