Our Story – the Inspiration Behind the nuspin kids Company



Life for infants and toddlers is a time of wonder and excitement. Each day is filled with new tastes, adventures, and play.

However, not all of those new tastes are appreciated right away. It can be difficult to get toddlers to eat their veggies and drink their water! As parents, we learn to tap into and encourage our children’s natural wonder and excitement to guide them towards a healthy and constructive lifestyle. So we’ll turn a spoonful of baby food into an airplane or train to get our baby to take a bite (especially when the food is green).

Getting kids to drink water often presents a similar challenge. Some days kids can go the whole morning without drinking more than a few sips of water, no matter how many times you offer them a cup. They can get so absorbed in playing that they’ll forget to drink.

We took this issue to heart and began developing the Sip & Spin Cup so our kids would actually look forward to drinking water from their fun and special cups. As parents and engineers, we dove deep into research for the design. We found that in addition to making the cups fun, we could make improvements to make the cups both healthier for kids and easier to use for parents.

About nuspin kids

nuspin kids is a privately owned and operated small business headquartered in Long Beach, California. We have developed a line of straw cups to make hydration healthy, easy, and fun for kids. nuspin kids advocates the use of valve-free silicone straws for their benefits to dental health, speech development, hygiene, and food safety. We use premium materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that our products are free from lead, BPA, phthalates, PVC, and nitrosamines.