Zoomi Straw Sippy Cups

“My favorite feature of the straw cup is that it is valve free, which promotes developmentally appropriate oral motor skills for speech sound development and swallowing patterns. This is perfect for straw cup training!” -Mindy Stavish, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Love that this cup is easy to clean with only three parts!” -Taylor A.

“I love these cups!! My 3 year old twins drink smoothies out of them and they work great!!!” -Tamara

“My 15 month old son loves this cup.. and I do too. It’s really easy to wash and clean (no hidden parts for mold to grow..) and it’s not tough for him to get liquid out of the straw.” -Ginelle B.

“Love these cups – they are simple and easy to clean. The children love them too.” -Sparrow

“The best training cup for your child is one with no valve.” -American Dental Association


Sip & Spin Fun Straw Cups

“I was worried about moving him up to a ‘grown up’ cup, but I love how my son no longer missed his sippy cup once he realized how this fun, spinning cup worked!” –Keri L., Chicago, IL

“My son is working on his oral motor control. When he sees that I am going to serve water in the Sip & Spin, he gets excited to see the spinning cars!” -Karina A., Mother of Felipe who has cerebral

“This cup is so much fun! It really does help encourage my daughter to drink more water.” -Allison W

“My son has resisted any straw cups or sippy cups. He is 2 1/2 and has trouble with textures in his mouth. … Very soft straw and he absolutely loves the spinning trucks. … We have tried so many different cups and this one did the trick!” –Missy H