Zoomi Straw Sippy Cups – Simplify Healthy Hydration

The Zoomi straw cup has only 3 parts to simplify healthy hydration. All parts come fully apart and have great access for cleaning, so there are no small crevices or hidden compartments for mold and bacteria to hide in. The valve-free straw means it gets cleaner in the dishwasher and is a snap to clean in the sink, too.

The valve-free straw reduces risk of baby bottle tooth decay by allowing your child to sip easily. According to the American Dental Association, “the best training cup for your child is one with no valve.” The straw is designed to prevent your toddler from pulling it out once the lid is screwed on. We use a special manufacturing process to add a polypropylene barrier over the graphics so they can’t be chewed, scratched, or stained. We make our cups from time-proven FDA grade polypropylene and our straws from FDA grade silicone, and lab test them to ensure they are free of Lead, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines.

The patent pending design minimizes overall spillage while staying valve-free. The air vent has a spill trap to reduce spills when knocked over, turned upside down, dropped, warmed up, and so on.

nuSpin Kids Zoomi Straw Cups have only 3 parts - Easy as 1-2-3! These valve-free straw cups are easy to drink from and simple to clean. They're also dishwasher safe, and free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, and Nitrosamines.


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